SRH universities opening new perspectives

With over 12,000 students we are one of the leading providers of university education in Germany

Mission statement

Our goal is to help prepare talented young people through state accredited degree programs to be fully qualified for future oriented professional fields and to enhance chances on the job market. At the same time we want to encourage and support them as they grow to become independent, confident personalities. We contribute to innovation in the economy and society through applied research and professional continuing education programs.

STUDY AT SRH Learning for Life

Our ten private universities in Berlin, Calw, Gera, Hamm, Heidelberg, Oestrich-Winkel, Riedlingen, Wiesbaden and Asunción (Paraguay) offer over 110 degree programmes in flexible programs of study.

They each have different areas of academic focus, but they all have a common core: high levels of academic and didactic competence and excellence, and the goal of fostering the development of social skills and personal values.

Our corporate values are the basis of our activity